New year thoughts

It's around this time of year many folks are talking about new year's resolutions. Here are some of my thoughts:

To write often
To be direct in my writing
To be gentle and nurturing with my body
To write an explanation of tensegrity in the human body
To share my practice
To communicate with other people through online community-building

Well there's a pretty good start to the list. Last item: bight off small chunks and get small wins. Build momentum.

Check out my recent post, recorded on New Year's Day. I can check off four, maybe five of my above list just by sharing this post. I hope you find inspiration!

Pics of the day: More Handstands

Still working the handstands, it's been a long time coming and I've got much further to go.  I have made a ton of progress since I started teaching at the School for Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA). Folks there have helped me learn to use a narrower hand position, get my shoulders elevated (squeeze your ears), and point my toes!  Photos taken July 26, 2015.

Pics of the day: Handstand & L-hang

Taking a break from work on the website, decided to snap a couple pics.  Spending the afternoon at my wonderful new workplace, Pulse Fitness Seattle.

L-hang: made my triceps scream!

Handstand 1: Better hip extension, needs more work on shoulder elevation

Handstand 2: Hands slightly closer together, better shoulder elevation, a bit less hip extension. Good chin tuck, lengthening the back of neck and extending upper back. Forgot to point my toes though :P